portrait of Eva MenezesI have always been driven by challenges.

At 16, I left the comfort of my home in Brazil and headed to California as an exchange student to live with a host family and experience America for a semester. In my thirst for new adventures, I hopped on a plane again in 2006 to study abroad at the University of Texas at Austin while pursuing my undergraduate studies, not knowing that a few years later I would be returning and successfully completing a master’s degree from the same school.

Though exciting, these experiences had a great deal of obstacles, all of which helped to shape me into who I am today — someone who creatively solves problems, embraces the unknown, and is determined to succeed.

I pride myself on my reputation for being a team player who has a positive attitude and is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. I have a constant need for expanding my skill set and have learned to appreciate the challenges that life and work have presented me because I’m a better person and professional as a result of overcoming them.

In addition to being trained in multimedia journalism, I have a background in translation and interpreting (English-Portuguese) and in teaching English as a foreign language. I love traveling near and far and discovering new places, cultures, and experiences.